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Relationship Refresh Module 3 - Understand Us

So hopefully you are starting to implement some of the things you have learnt so far.

· You understand the importance of friendship and being great friends and are starting to be a better friend to your partner.

· You are starting to have date nights.

· You understand the importance of Repair Attempts – making them and accepting them.

· You know that harsh start ups end in arguments so you avoid starting conversations harshly.

· You are starting to check in with your partner instead of making assumptions.

· You understand your love language and your partners and know how to hit the target more frequently with your partner.

· You understand why this is so important.

All of these tools are a great platform from which to start bringing your love back to life.

But you HAVE to practice and implement these things, you cant expect change if you don't do anything differently. All of this great information is of no use if you don't action it, the change is in the action. And it isn’t a one stop shop, you need to do these things every day and the more strained your relationship is then the harder you will have to try, and the more often you will have to do all of these things.

So at this stage we wouldn’t be expecting miracles but if you truly have absorbed this information and are putting it into practice we would expect that there are some positive differences in your relationship.

Relationship Revival - Week-3ƒP
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