Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy 

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is a way to understand your inner world, and help it to transform and heal. The IFS Model represents a new synthesis of two already-existing paradigms: systems thinking and the multiplicity of the mind.

IFS is based on the principle that there is an undamaged, resourceful Self at the core of every person and that accessing and working with that Self is a safe, effective way to heal other, hurt parts of the mind.  At the heart of Internal Family Systems therapy is the belief that there is a calm, compassionate core ‘Self’ within each of us that cannot be damaged.

Internal Family Systems therapy explicitly recognizes the numinous-and-available nature of the Self, allowing the model to be helpful in adult development as well as psychological healing. Self energy is a ‘doing’, known by its curiousity, calm, compassion, connectedness, creativity, courage, clarity and confidence. In the therapeutic work, the aim is to connect and amplify the person’s own experience of Self, then to build relationship internally with one’s parts.

Fleurieu Counselling and Wellness has a team of counsellors in Adelaide trained in IFS therapy.  IFS Sessions are available in person or via zoom Australia Wide.


Simon Paul

IFS Therapist

I am passionate about helping people to understand their 'self'. When people create an opportunity to get clear about what's happening for them, they tend to develop a sense of relief and care for themselves, a motivation for change, and a wisdom about what to do next. 

They can change their lives in creative and powerful ways, and become ever-increasing experts about themselves.

 I work in an integrative, and wholistic manner to create your experience with you, and for you.

Rebecca Paul

IFS Therapist

"IFS Therapy is a  very powerful and useful form of psychotherapy.  The parts model helps us to understand why we have behaviours that work for us and against us at the same time.  It helps us contact our true selves and integrate the behaviours or defence mechanism that we have into more functional and useful ways of being.  It helps us access more of our true selves"


Jo Howard

IFS Practioner and Coach

IFS has given me the tool I have always longed for in my work with people. It not only allows people to get to know themselves on an unprecedented level, but more importantly unburden the burdens our most vulnerable parts have carried for so long. 

The life changing results I am seeing in clients is why this is so popular. 

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