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Relationship Refresh Module 1 - Getting back to basics

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Simon and I (Bec) poured all our relationship tools into an e-course a few years ago. Unfortunately someone throught it was so great, they stole it off the internet and our videographer who filmed the series and uploaded the videos didn't keep copies (insert tears and stamping foot). So we closed the site that we had poured a years worth of work into. What we do have left is the booklets we made to accompany each video. So we thought we would provide them here for any couple seeking some help and guidance. These modules contain lots of the most critical fundamentals of repairing and bullet proofing your relationship, we have made them as user friendly as possible. If you can't get to therapy or your partner doesn't want to come, work your way through these modules – there is some real gold in here. Just download the module booklet below.

This first module covers all the basics that you were probably doing unconsciously in your relationship before things got busy, maybe kids came along and things got more complicated, life gets hectic - we know it first hand. This module helps you to understand how normal it is for relationships to hit challenges and the things we need to remember to do in these times.

If you want to follow it up with some counselling just email us at (Please ignore the relationship refresh email and website mentioned in the documents, they no longer exist (insert sniffling)). Hand on heart, I hope you find these helpful, lots of work went into them, love to hear any feedback you have for us. Bec X

Relationship Revival - Week 1- P-low
Download PDF • 7.62MB

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