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Simon Paul

I am passionate about helping people to understand themselves. When people create an opportunity to get clear about what's happening for them, they tend to develop a sense of relief and care for themselves, a motivation for change, and a wisdom about what to do next. 

They can change their lives in creative and powerful ways, and become ever-increasing experts about themselves.

 I work in an integrative, and wholistic manner to create your experience with you, and for you.

Issues Covered

Men's Health | Teen Wellbeing 

Relationship & Couple Therapy | Trauma

Anxiety | Performance Coaching

Personal Growth | Meaning & Direction

Internal Family Systems - IFS Therapy

Depression | Grief & Loss


Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Adv Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling

Internal Family Systems - IFS Therapist

Diploma of Youth Work

Bachelor of Commerce


I have been helping people in this field for almost 20 years, working with men, women, teenagers, and couples to live the life of their choosing.

Having worked as a counsellor, and teaching counselling, for many years, I am passionate about helping people to help themselves. Whether it be working with psychological, emotional, or even at times physical pain; high performance coaching, or any other aspect of being human, I am a firm believer that growth and change are possible at all times.

Couples Therapy

Relationships form the most important aspects of our lives. They can be inspiring, empowering, exciting and nurturing. They can also be incredibly challenging and difficult. When working with couples I draw from a variety of different theories and practices to help people understand themselves so they can be in their relationships in ways that brings out the best in themselves and their partner. 

I work with all kinds of couples, and also with non-romantic relationships using a wide range of modalities including Emotionally focused therapy and IFS informed couples therapy - IFIO (Intimacy From the Inside Out).

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