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Jo  Scott

'My counselling practice focuses on developing a healing connection with you based on safety and trust where you are truly seen, known and accepted. I draw on the principles from Internal Family Systems where every part of you is valuable and has

a role – even if some parts have been forced into unhelpful roles. In the counselling

space you are considered the expert in your story, and it is a privilege to hear your

story and walk alongside you as we navigate your experiences and feelings and

cultivate curiosity, kindness, wisdom and empowerment. I will support you to

reconnect with yourself, those around you and the world.'

My experience as a counsellor includes working in school and hospital settings.

Diverse and deeply painful stories are shared with me, with clients often identifying I

am the first person to truly listen to their story and pain. I am informed and

transformed by the work I do and have a lifelong journey of learning how to better

support the wonderful community I work with.

My Experience


Master of Social Work

Member of AASW

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Education


Issues Covered

I work with girls and women facing overwhelming situations that result in emotional distress whether that is experienced as grief, anxiety, shame, guilt, depression or something else.

Through my lived experience, along with additional training specific to this area, I

specialise in working with the complex issues of chronic health conditions (e.g.

endometriosis, PCOS, adenomyosis), chronic pain, and being childless not by

choice. I believe that trauma is intertwined with these experiences and traces are left

on the minds, emotions and bodies of not only the people directly experiencing the

situation but those around them. I use somatic awareness and yoga to address the

bodily imprints of trauma supporting nervous system regulation and promoting a

sense of calm.


50-minute appointments are available on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and two

Saturdays a month from $100. Telephone and Teams appointments are also

available on these days and at other times by request.

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