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Imogen Carruthers

Imogen Carruthers is a qualified teacher and Teen Positive Psychology Coach.  She has been working with young people her whole working life.  We asked her to come and join our practice because she has a natural gift in connecting with young people.  I witnessed this first hand when we worked together at the Raise Foundation where Imogen was a Youth Mentor.  Her humour, down to earth nature and warm communication skills make her a teen magnet. She builds rapport easily with teens and coupled with her Positive Psychology skills she is able to help move Teens through difficult life transitions and stages.  We are very lucky to have her join our team.


Imogens natural connection with young people led her to study a Bachelor's of Education where her desire to help young people grew exponentially. Her education and roles within schools during this time, enabled her to put into practice what she was learning while allowing her to create relationships full of meaning, connection and support.


Working as a teacher & youth mentor and through her own lived experience, Imogens passion for youth mental health and wellbeing & helping young people navigate lifes challenges continued to grow.


Apart from her 1:1 Positive Psychology Coaching and primary school teaching, she has also worked for a not-for-profit organisation in the prevenative mental health space. Imogen’s Positive Psychology skills allow her to help those she works with by providing them with opportunities to flourish and improve their wellbeing in all aspects of life, no matter where they are starting from. 


Issues Covered

Teen Positive Psychology Coaching:

Goal setting, hope mapping,

strengths and values work, mindfulness & 

finding and creating purpose. 


Masters of Counselling Practice (current)

Graduate Diploma of Positive Psychology 

Graduate Certificate of Positive Psychology 

Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle)

Mental Health First Aid

Imogen has a authentic & beautiful way of meeting teens exactly where they are and journeying with them to navigate the issues

or obstacles they face.

Imogen welcomes new teen clients.




60 min session $80

Contact Imogen at: Currently not accepting

new clients.

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