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Carly Astill

Carly Astill is a qualified Counsellor and Reiki therapist, specialising in adults and adolescent health. She counsels adults and adolescents in her private practice in Blackwood, Meadows and now with us in Moana.  

We asked Carly to come and work with us because her rich experience, exceptional skills, and passion to help empower people, are a much welcomed resource for the Adults & Youth of the Fleurieu. Carly is a beach girl at heart but lives in the Adelaide hills, which is helpful for Fleurieu teens concerned with anonymity.




Carly is extremely experienced working with young people.  

Working alongside a psychologist for 10 years, she delivered a Positive Psychology program to literally thousands of teenagers across our state.  The program specialized in helping young people navigate and overcome the issues they face in their adolescent years.  Carly provided training and coaching to equip youth with the skills they needed to build their confidence, motivation, self esteem and plan for their future.  


Carly is well known for her ability to build easy, natural and fast rapport.  Her natural, earthy, funny, down to earth approach makes her someone that teens find it easy to open up to, trust and talk to.


We are thrilled to have secured her to come and work in our practice and know there will be many young people on the Fleurieu who will benefit from her skills, knowledge and expertise.




Carly’s passion and experience, coupled

with her empathetic approach and

motivational coaching skills, enables her to successfully

counsel a wide variety of people.


Her patience and kind, personable manner ensures a strong connection with all of her


Her training in Reiki allows her to take a

more intuitive approach to help her clients

achieve their optimal well-being.


She has a beautiful way of meeting clients

exactly where they are and journeying with

them to navigate the issues or obstacles they


Carly welcomes new clients and looks

forward to working with you and your family. 

Issues Covered

General Adult & Adolescent Counselling

Motivational Psychology & Coaching


Masters In Counselling (Current)

Diploma in Counselling

Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling

Reiki 1& 2

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