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My counselling practices are guided by authenticity, curiosity and empathy, honouring you as the expert in your life. With safety, trust and connection, I listen to accompany you as you navigate towards deeper self-understanding, which can make room for healing. Together, we are curious, we are kind to whatever surfaces. With openness and discernment, we welcome wisdom and befriend our multi-faceted selves.

Issues Covered


  • Relationships

'The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.' Joanna Macy

We long for connection and belonging. There can be difficult dynamics within our friendships, relationships and families. Through deeper understanding of our self, we can be present with others and communicate our needs with authenticity and kindness.

I bring a lived understanding to the complexity and nuance of the straight spouse experience and am here with you, if this is part of your story too.


My experience as a counsellor in family and relationships roles and as a grief specialist, reflects my person-centred, strength-based and compassion-focused approaches to therapy. 

Working extensively with culturally diverse communities across education and therapeutic settings, my career spans over 10 years and provides me with a foundation grounded in creative and mindful-based practices, while integrating Eastern philosophies. 


Master of Counselling

PACFA Registered and Certified Practising Counsellor

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Arts


60 minute appointment from $120

Available Tuesdays in person at Moana.

Telephone and Zoom appointments available on Tuesdays and at other times, upon request.

  • Instagram

You are welcome here; it’s an honour to

be present with you and your human experience - however that looks and

feels. As an Internal Family Systems-

informed counsellor, I approach our time together with compassion-based, creative, narrative and mindfulness-based therapies. But mostly I want to sit alongside you and listen. 

  • Grief + Loss

'Turning toward what you deeply love

saves you.' - Rumi

Grief is our human response to loss, and we can experience it through death, loss of relationship, shifts in identity, ecological grief, career changes, loss of an anticipated future. All feelings towards our losses are valid. Processing grief in therapy can allow space to make meaning of your loss, whatever form it takes. 


  • Emotional Understanding

'This too is welcome. This too belongs.' Toko-pa Turner

Navigating and putting language to our emotions can be confusing and overwhelming. With curiosity, our time together can be dedicated to understanding your needs and making meaning from your values. This way, we can notice and hold space for your emotional experience.

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