Carly Astill

Carly Astill is a qualified Counsellor and Reiki therapist, specialising in adolescent health.


Her extensive experience includes working with youth from various socio-economic areas, working with schools and training school staff in the ‘Youth Opportunities Program’. This experience, has been driven by a passion to help empower our youth to create better outcomes for themselves. 

Her passion and experience, when coupled with her empathetic approach and motivational coaching skills, enables her to successfully counsel a wide variety of people. Her patience and kind, personable manner ensures a strong connection with all of her clients and is particularly effective when working with both children and adolescents.

Having being trained in Reiki, allows her to take a more intuitive approach to help her clients achieve their optimal well-being. Carly welcomes new clients and looks forward to working with you and your family


Issues Covered

Youth Work | Adolescent issues

Learning & Behavioural Issues

Motivational Coaching

General Counselling| Reiki | Healing


Diploma in Counselling

Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling

Reiki 1

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